– The 100th Episode

It’s our hundredth episode and we celebrate by walking thru our Top 10 favorite resources, episodes and freebies. Check it out!


1. Adobe Non Profit Suite Win, Mac
6. notepad++
9. tuts+ network
10. Filezilla

How To’s:

1. Looping Backgrounds wiggle, particle, offset, fractal
2. Photoshop Selections
3. Hologram Church
4. Hillsong Church News
5. Click Track videos Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
6. Match Moving Part 1, Part 2
7. Live Streaming Part 1, Part 2
8. Voice Over
9. Church Marketing 101
10. Google Apps Part 1, Part 2

Enter the Film Festival

Submissions are due by April 30
Enter your church media


1. Love Mercy, Do Justice and Walk Humbly Videos
2. Bokeh Loop 2
3. Abstract Streaks
4. Abstract Fall
5. Banana Tree
6. Northern Lights
7. Endless Candles
8. Neon Curtains
9. Starfield
10. Illustrated Trees and Clouds


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Congrats on your 100th eposide!!!! Blessings to you Brad, and the team at CMD that put this AWESOME website together to GLORIFY GOD!!!


I love the show. I have been watching since the earlier episodes. You have such great information to give. I love to get all the freebies you give away for equipping us. Thank You. Just FYI- the links to the Adobe Non-Profit software is not active- might be because of the new version.


Awesome episode Brad. Well done and congratulations. What you are teaching is helping people around the world. :))
Look forward to more stuff in the future. Have you done anything on creating a podcast? Free site hosts etc?
Murray Boyton


Stops the pressess… to funny!

[…] habe gerade auf Empfehlung in Episode 100 von ChurchMediaDesign mir die Episode 89 angeguckt, welche neben einer kleinen Einleitung aus einem […]


Thanks for your hard work!

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