Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

Learn some quick trick on how to create a great logo in adobe illustrator. Also find out about adobe cs5, Lifechurch.tv’s Facebook training, and the new Playback Drive.


Playback Drive
CS5 coming soon

Facebook training from open.lifechurch.tv

How to:

Illustrator Logo Design

Logo Basic’s from Barton Damer
Fonce Sans Trial
Fonce Sans Pro
Free Vector Arrows

Enter the Film Festival

Submissions are due by April 30
Enter your church media


Cinematic Intro Video from AEDude.com

Download the project file. (cs4 and above)



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Been thinking about a new series called 3D…talking about "Faith, Hope, and Love" and how they make us see differently if we look through those different deminsions…I'd like to have my series graphics bulletin all in 3D…hand out 3D glass at the door since they are very cheap $…looked all over the web on how to make 3-D graphics but I'm finding nothing its all vector type graphic…is it simply and overlay of blue tinted graphic and red tinted graphic? I have AI and PS…Thanks for your wisdom, and for the great stuff you share…


On a Mac on roll through the fonts in Illustrator you need to go to the character's pallet. For some reason you have to go through and do it there instead on in the main toolbar.


Hey. I love the site and your episodes help me, a learning media guy, a lot. I'm making a logo in AI and I'm using fonts from dafont.com and when I go to save the file, it tells me one of my fonts used can't be embedded in the PDF document because of licensing restrictions. The other font used is from the same website and doesn't present an issue. Is this important? Is there a way around this? Is the product still saved?

Thanks for your help. Karl.


Brad I just love this – only just found it. I am new at illustrator – how do you type and then grow the box with the font like you do at about 13 minutes in. I make a type box type in it and then fiddle and fiddle to get it to be the size i want – you just type in small letters , select the box and grow it automatically – i dont seem to be able to type with out making a box first. Michelle


Simple and great tutorial. No doubt, I’ll be using this in the future. Thanks!


Hi Brad, I'm using CS6 and trying to do the divide part of this tutorial but it doesn't work like yours does. I've tried to follow every step you did. Please help, I'm trying to create a logo for church. Thanks


Creative designs idea i must say..thank you so much for the sharing..
web design windsor


really i love this blog and happy to there you share illustrator cs6 free download and its your sharing is best

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