After Effects: Masking Inside Shape Layers

Walk thru how to create a basic shape layer that is masked with some fun animation. Also learn how you can save this as a animation preset for future use. Plus we talk about the Film Festival, Live shows and HTML 5.


Free Cinema 4d Scene Files
Fresh Photoshop Resources
Rainbow Shards Tutorial


Apple – HTML5

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great job! but check your audio levels on final output.


the levels kinda just varied..started out fine then slowly faded, going into the "how to" segment…but other than that, AWESOME show!!

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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Dear Brad, thank you for the informative video.

However, those advertisements could be used in a different video because they aren't related to the subject. If you must do quick advertising, state topics and where to find them on the site because sitting through nearly 8mins of promoting is not what the viewer needs or expects to see. At most, the quick advertising should last no more than 1 minute, because many of us are on a deadline, and when dealing with complex tasks in complex programs, 8mins can be put to more constructive use. When we're hunting the web for how-to's we're gunning for fast information, but for a very good reason: time is money.

Thank you again for your info.

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