After Effects: Shape Layer Expressions

This week we look at how to make your own preset to build a very complex shape in After Effects. We use expressions, sliders and a little bit of math to make it all come together. Also we get you a ton of new loops, some free music and a free psd everyday of the year!


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How to:

inspiration: Create an abstract design with patterns in Photoshop

Download the Preset

Some Expressions used:

Position the grid in the grid top left corner

posX=content(“Grid”).content(“Rectangle Path 1”).size[0]+effect(“Grid Spacing”)(“Slider”);
posY=content(“Grid”).content(“Rectangle Path 1”).size[1]+effect(“Grid Spacing”)(“Slider”);

How many copies are needed:

content(“Elipse Mask”).size[0]/(content(“Grid”).content(“Rectangle Path 1”).size[0]*2+(effect(“Grid Spacing”)(“Slider”)*2))



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Preset link not working… Page cannot be found


Having a total brain fart..
What is the "add or set keyframe" command using the keyboard?


I'm an AE newcomer…How do I add a gradient to the preset? Is there another episode where you talk about this?


I would like to exchange links with your site

Is this possible?


Ok, so I watched this yesterday and thought it was great, learned a lot! I tried to go further and add the circles to the stroke, but the layer stack is confusing and I did not get desired results, I am going to DL preset and hope it has the stroke effects, also did a gradient but hope to see yours. thanks for this tutorial.


My gradient is similar, no go on the stroke circles. :( i used a slider instead or a checkbox for inside grid roundness to get circles or squares….. Gonna hit the stroke again.

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