Live Streaming: Outdoors and Desktop Applications

On this Episode we discuss streaming from outside, and we take a viewer question about desktop streaming applications. Also give you some great resources and a free series graphic.

Stockpile – Resources for you and your Church

Sony NEX-VG10 Handycam
What’s Next Kit: What’s next in your relationship with Jesus?
Brands of the World
Sound Engineering 2 Perspectives on Volume and Loudness

How To

Free Live Stream Services

Premium Services
Watershed from
Premium Livesteam account
316 networks

Live Streaming Desktop Applications
Producer –
Procaster –
Flash Live Media Encoder – Any Platform
Wirecast – Any Platform (not Free)
CamTwist – Camera effects and switching (mac only)


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Another fantastic alternative to Ustream, Livestream or 316 for that matter is, while their primary business is selling Virtual Private Servers (hence VPS) they also resell CDN bandwidth. Currently they only offer Highwinds for live streaming purposes, but Akamai is an options for progressive download and streaming rtmp for 'downloads.'

The killer thing is that at "live" bitrates you'll be hard pressed to find a cheaper host, and they've a globally diverse network to back it up. They have 8 POP's in the United States, 5 POP's in Europe, and another in South America. Factually this may not be as geographically diverse as that of 316 Networks as they're a Akamai reseller, it's far more diverse than Live Stream and Ustream. Additionally origin pull is supported for RTMP streaming of pre-recorded materials.

To add some icing to the cake, you can use any flash player capable of playing an RTMP stream, or HTTP progressive download, which ever the case may be (live vs pre-recorded).

As if the cake wasn't sweet enough you can add some more sugar to the cake when you consider the cost involved. Unlike may providers, either monthly, or pay-as-you-go, their price per GB is competitive on all playing fields. With a entry point at $0.075 per GB, going as low as $0.05 per GB depending on the commitment you make this makes streaming your content incredibly affordable, on nearly any budget.

Take this scenario into consideration, You stream to a weekly audience of 30 people per service, for 3 services, at a datarate of 900kbps. Say you use the suggested 128kbps audio rate suggested in the episode, and a video rate of 700kbps, this leaves you a little overhead just in case. Consider that (1 terabyte) / (900 kbps) = 110.47 days, or roughly 2,651 hours of content. At 30 people, 3 times a weekend for 1 hour, you'll server up 90 hours of content, assuming they stay for the entire service. So, 2,651 hours / 90 hours a weekend = 29.46 weeks, or just over 7 months. Using a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model, you'll pay $75 for a TB, over the course of 7 months, making it $10.71/month. If you have a longterm commitment, that price could be even less.

Sorry, that was a bit more than a comment, but I thought I'd share this alternative here.


Great post Brad. I wanted to throw some input in there in regard to using both Ustream Proproducer and FME programs. I was unable to run both with one pc/ one firewire port. I assume 2 would work. I believe there may be an upload speed issue that causes problems with A/V sync in the stream recording using Ustream Pro Producer on the higher settings. The other issue is that I haven’t been able to upload the FME flv file to Vimeo. Anyway, hope this input helps.

God bless!


LOL…i loved the intrusive budlight commercial…way to be!!


Awesome reply Brad. So much more than I expected when I sent you the video questions. I will be playing around with the settings this Saturday


Looking into a solution like this. Would like to discuss about how it went and where I can get a WIMax box. I'm in northwest arkansas and have no idea what type of store to look for?

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