Upgrades and Organization

This week we answer your questions about computer upgrades and how to organize your video library. Also we find a great new resource from Hillsong and make sure you don’t ruin your DSLR with lasers!


Vimeo Plus goes unlimited!


Magic Bullet Colorista II
5d mark ii damaged by laser
How to give your photos a cool retro analog effect

Computer Upgrades

  • Ram and processor give you the biggest bang for the buck
  • Upgrade video card to utilize cs5 – card list/Specs

Background Organization

  • Organize inside the application not the OS
  • Go by tempo first
  • Find what fits your team and our situation

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I was just wrestling with how to organize all of my media. Thanks for the perspectives on organizing.


Windows 7 Memory limit is 192GB for the 64bit Enterprise, Professional, and Ultimate editions. More detailed information provided by Microsoft here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa366778(


Thanks for the tips Brad! I took most of your advice and went for the upgrade! I’m now running an i7 860 with 8 gigs of ram. I kept the same hard drives (Sata 500 and 750gb) and loaded the os on the smaller drive. Couldn’t swing the ssd at this time. I’ll probably wait to purchase CS5 when the price of the supported cards go down. I have noticed an increase in overall render time using AME on Premiere projects (and also Encore). I just finished a wedding video http://vimeo.com/13821371 and should be jumping back into AE very soon! One of your previous episodes mentioned that you use a font management program. I have an extra ide drive and a laptop drive that I may use just for fonts other resources. What kind of setup and programs do you recommend to manage fonts?



I'd love to see a tour of the setup at your church. Some behind the scenes while you're ministering on Sunday.

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