140 Free Backgrounds and Videos from VideoBlocks.com

Many of you know about FootageFirm.com, this site allows to pay $8.41 for a DVD with uncompressed SD and HD video clips of everything from Background loops to Cityscapes. They even have stock audio that you can use for sound tracks. Now the content on these discs isn’t always perfect but for that low price its a great deal.

Well recently they opened a new online store VideoBlocks.com that doesn’t require you to pay for shipping and you can all the same content for $49 a month. Good news? There is 1 Week free trial, you can download 20 clips a day which comes out to 140 clips during your trial.

Just make sure to cancel after your first week or its gonna cost you $49.

Check out VideoBlocks.com:

And her are some of my favorite backgrounds: Super Nova Beam, Yellow Green Stream Beam, and Blue Purple Stream

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Thanks for sharing this Brad


Looks great but there is no mention of the cap on the site?

'After signing up, you will have unlimited access to the entire Video Blocks archive. There are no download caps, so you may download and use as much content as you need.'


Total scam. They trick you with a free trial and post it all over the place but in the buried in the terms and conditions there is a real surprise.


They are scamming people

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