Spiral Sunrise

This week we brighten up your worship backgrounds with a spiral sunrise, fix your gamma in h.264 and set the mood with some inspiration. Also we announce the winner of week two of Where’s Whitey! Check out all the links and freebies below.

Bittbox paper textures

Quicktime – h.264 encoder
video copilot blog
– post effects
adobe – free trial of After Effects
Firefox 3 – lastest version of the open source browser
Spread Firefox
– set a guiness record
Moodstream – image and audioplayer
Getty Images – for pay image site
Pump Audio
– audio for video
iStockPhoto – cheap images vectors video and flash
the Stock.xchng – free images
Spring Hill Camps
– where adam is working this summer
Journey Ed – discount non profit software

Spiral Background

[flv width=”500″ height=”313″ image=’http://www.churchmediadesign.tv/downloads/spiral/preview.jpg’]http://www.churchmediadesign.tv/downloads/spiral/preview.mp4[/flv]
HD 1280 x 720: mp4 wmv
Fullscreen 800 x 600: mp4 wmv

Sunrise Background

[flv width=”500″ height=”313″ image=’http://www.churchmediadesign.tv/downloads/sunspiral/preview.jpg’]http://www.churchmediadesign.tv/downloads/sunspiral/preview.mp4[/flv]
HD 1280 x 720: mp4 wmv
Fullscreen 800 x 600: mp4 wmv

waterfall background

[flv width=”500″ height=”313″ image=’http://www.churchmediadesign.tv/downloads/rockfall/preview.jpg’]http://www.churchmediadesign.tv/downloads/rockfall/preview.mp4[/flv]
HD 1280 x 720: mp4 wmv
Fullscreen 800 x 600: mp4 wmv

Worship House Media
– resources for the creative church”

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Can you re-upload ep19, video is not found thx.

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