2 days Left To Help The Church Be Less Awful At Communication


Did you know it is a scientific fact that churches are bad at communication? Yes? Well it may not be scientifically proven but that doesn’t make it less true.

Look around, churches send mixed messages, promote things that don’t matter and under promote the things that do.

My friend Tim Schraeder is currently crowd sourcing the funding for new book meant to help solve this problem. Tim is a smart guy. Not only has he worked in the local church but he has helped churches, ministries, and christian based drug treatment centers around the world. Most recently he helped create social media strategy for the Hillsong Church. So I for one can’t wait to get my hands on this new book Church Communication 101.

Here a bit of what will be inside:

  • A Theology for Church Communication – The role of church communication is new for most churches, and I’ll unpack some (biblical) reasons why I believe church communication matters.
  • Church Communication Essentials – I’ll share tips, tricks, and tools I’ve discovered to do church communication well.
  • Words + Images – From logos to bulletins, writing, and graphic design, words and images have always been an integral part of our Christian faith. In today’s culture, they matter more than ever.
  • Web – Your website is the front door to your church online. Churches need to take their online presence seriously.
  • Social Media – Social media is opening new doors for church’s content to reach more people. And it provides a great way for churches to interact and engage with their congregations.
  • Everything else – In-service announcements, email, and a lot more will be covered in this section. There are many ways churches communicate, and I’ll share some of my thoughts and ideas on various ways churches get their message out there.
  • On the Job – Interpersonal skills, structuring your work week, and learning how to lead up are all essential on the job in a church communications role. I’ll define some key things for people leading communication in their churches.

2 Days Left

This book is going to be great, and you can be apart of making it happen.

Head over to the Indeigogo page and help fund it now, the project ends at 11:59pm September 15, so there isn’t much time left.

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