Podcasting Your Message Pt.1

On this weeks edition of CMD Brad shows us how to hook your sound board up to our computer to record our messages and contact river island. We use audacity an open source sound program to record with.If you do not have a mic or soundboard you can pick one up from Sweet Water, ZZounds or Musicians Friend.


– The ultimate internet broswer
Zamzar – Flash video convertion tool.

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i cant see the video
video not found or acces denied :(


Dude that was extremely helpful!!! Thank you!


Video link is not working. Please let us know if you get it going. This looks like great stuff. Thnx


Hi Brad,

What you have shown is so basic but I know it will help many.. but what if you want to record the worship for your team to hear back what they have done.. well then you would have to use the blue line in port on your sound card We have done this at my church for some time now.

I also use a dual aux and record the instruments on the right side and the vocal on the left side so that the pastor can hear each separate or together but for the sermons we just stick to a house mix. Our church has twos sactuaries and we have to maintain two sound systems and this is the way I got it to work in the old scantuary

check out the sermons from the young adults at http://sermons.embassyonline.ca from nov 07 onward is all my work.


i cat see the video!!!

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