Photoshop Selections

This week take a look a few different methods for selecting objects inside Photoshop. Weather you need to take a car and drive it on a new street, or make a girl fly in a whole new world, this episode will help teach you the best ways to rip objects out of photos! We also have a great FREE fall worship loop for you and much more!

How To:
Photoshop SelectionsImages Used- via
Walking Monkey
CarGirl Jumping
Adobe Photoshop – Non Profit adobe software.

Freebie: Fall worship loop

[flv width=”500″ height=”313″ image=’’][/flv]
Widescreen HD(1280 x 720): MP4 WMV
Fullscreen (800 x 600): MP4 WMV

Worship House Media
– resources for the creative Code: cmdtv1
Dan’s Ink and
– Whole ink and toner.Visit for more information.Promo: Church Media Design”

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I know this is an old episode, but i was going back to rewatch it and just had a question while watching the selection demos. Why do you choose to use a mask rather than just deleting the background from some of those photos? I've always just deleted in those types of situations. Is there an advantage to masking rather than deleting?

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