Basic Compositing

We begin a series on Basic Composting but first we take a look at Church Metrics and talk about why Brad is so happy to be 25 today!We also have some great inspiration for you and a free fall worship loop.

Expelled edition Ben Stein Bobbleheadvia – thanks mitch!

Resources: – Music videos – CMD Viewer/ Pastor / Father bloghillsong London Hail to the King –

– attendance giving salvation and baptism tracking.Made by the digerati team @
– sam’s blog.

How to:
Basic compositing part 1- – Nonprofit version creative suite more then 50% off!

Inspiration: – Art of James whitesignal noise tutorial.

Freebie:Abstract Fall Loop:

[flv width=”500″ height=”313″ image=’’][/flv]
Widescreen HD(1280 x 720): WMV MP4
Fullscreen (800 x 600): WMV MP4

Worship House Media – resources for the creative church.
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