Better Countdown Clocks in After effects

Guest Trent Armstrong from RT Productions helps teach a better way to make countdown clocks in After effects. We give you 30 more free image backgrounds, find out why its Comcastic, and much, much more!

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Better Countdown clocks
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Hot keys:
Reveal Expression = ee
Time remap = alt + shift + t (pc) cmd + shift + t (mac)

Expression Used:

temp = thisComp.layer(“TIME”).timeRemap;
src = timeToTimecode(temp);
src= src.substring(4,8)

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Dans Ink and
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7 Responses


Hey Brad.
Good day.

I wonder, why isn't this video tutorial workin'?
It says:

Video not found or access denied:

I hope you can work on this 'cause I want to watch this one. Thanks. :)


Does this work with CS6??? Having trouble with the TimeToTimecode function.


This was driving me crazy last night. I could not for the life of me get this to work under AE CS2 until I discovered the problem.
The expression posted above needs to have the ; removed after the first line as it closes the statement before the rest of it is executed and is properly closed by the; on the second line.
Here is how it should look:

src = timeToTimecode(temp);
src= src.substring(4,8)

I just have been testing this and it works as advertised.
Keep the great resources coming!


Thanks so much for this tutorial. I've used it many times over the past few years and find it to be a rock solid methodology with a ton of flexibility. Thanks for explaining a workaround for non-monospace fonts as well.


Brad, I am trying to use this for adobe ae cc 2014 and getting errors and no formatting on the time, any ideas?

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