Church Marketing 101

Have you ever mis-advertised? Do you know who your target audience is?

The target market vs target audience, the target market is a group of customers who a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its products. So it can be defined by who are likely to buy the products, service, location, by age, ethnicity, gender, tools and more.

A target market influences all marketing decisions a small business makes, with a product development, companies, with a good research that reveals the needed market. Look for a digital agency that works with professionals so you can have a good management to understand and to find the right audience for your service or company to maximize the appeal of brands to specific markets. Another benefit is that you will have other representatives and the help of the most creative digital agencies who will train and mentor you as you start your business and you’ll have access to company training and sales tools as well.

The week we bring up some subjects that will help us see beyond advertising church and closer to what it means to rally people together. We also get inspired by some great work of JJ Abrams.


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