Click Track Video Pt. 3

This week we continue our series on Click Track Videos by heading into After Effects and playing with some expressions to bring in our text. We also get inspired by the Drive Conference announcements and get another great freebie!

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Hey Allen from India…
thanks for all this stuff..really helpful.
I’ve been learning to create click tracks am using After Effects CS4.
Am having some difficulty in using the external document. specially when i enter text in (entry 2) the text before that disappears. Can help me to fix this>
Thanks a million!


Very nice series!

Do you have a PC version of the expressions? I noticed the “mac” on the first line.



Nevermind, I found it on the link above it!


I had loads of trouble with this one. Well, mainly getting text to pull from my Windows 7 OS. I tried different drives and most other options of coding out there… until I ran across this bit of code that basically takes off the drive letter of the myPath define line.

myPath = “/Expressions/text.txt”;
$.evalFile (myPath);
}catch (err){
“not found”

Still working on the project. I’ll let you know if any other issues arise.

Thanks and God bless!


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