Gurus of Tech Live

Live from the Gurus of tech Conference Brad joins the guys from ChurchTechTalk do do a Combined show! We cover a wide variety of tech topics and use live twitter integration via

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The development of technology should have led to the fact that buying all sorts of goods will be possible via the Internet. If you imagine going to the market, to the fossil storeor shopping center, then you need to consider how much time you have to get to the store in traffic jams, how much you have to stand in a queue. Far from the fact that the right product will be in a particular retail outlet – the seller can send the buyer to the other end of the city. Spend a lot of time on all this. Do not forget that finding the right store also fails immediately, during which time you will have to take a break for a snack. Usually, a serious purchase takes half a day. On the Internet, everything happens in just a few clicks.

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