This week we head out of the studio to interview Ben and Rick from and learn why your church should be using this tool. We also find some great new church resources and a killer piece of video inspiration.

YouVersion Live
47 High Res LIght Streaks

New York Times Type Video

Freebie: 8n8 Game

Download Game Package (widescreen/fullscreen graphic support)

About Game:
Split into small groups(around 8 people). Then a list of 8 things to do in 8 minutes or less is put on the screen. Must work as a team to finish these 8 things.

Sample ideas:
Form a human piramid
8 group jumping jacks
Write 8 summer movies
Circle the room in a human train
Name 8 Holidays
8 places people go on vacation
Form an 8 on the ground
8 words that rhyme with 8

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Thanks for linking to the light streaks! The new site is great, Brad!

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