Match Moving

Welcome to the brand new CMD, we talk about what has been going on since our last show as well as how to extract audio from flv files. In our tutorial segment we walk thru how to use pfHoe to do match moving and what this can be used for in your church. As always we have a great resources and some free stuff.

StockPile: Black and white Grunge Textures
PSDTuts watercolor brushes vol1 – Free Stock Footage


Extract audio from flv (windows only)

How To:

LoveMercy Youth Convention
pfHoe – Match moving software

Other pfHoe tutorials to check out:
Crime Avenue Title – by Eran Stern




HD (1280 x 720): mp4, wmv
SD (800 x 600): mp4, wmv

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Loved the episode – and I love the new look of the site! Not to mention the freebie! It’s so generous of you to be willing to give it away! Thanks for all you do!


WOW! This is awesome Brad! Looking forward to watching the show and the site looks incredible!


Hey Brad,
first off, love the new site! you and your team are very blessed!

how does this pfHoe compare to Mocha for AE that is built into After Effects CS4? is it just a different technology? know of any advantages on either side?


Brad, why did you choose Pfhoe over the built-in motion tracker, Mocha, in AE?


Is there an episode you created for the ones that really don't know ANYTHING about AE? Can you come up with the simplest video tut for AE that will explain it to me as if I were 5 years old?


I can do an episode like that! For now i would encourage you to check out


Hey Brad, great information. Perhaps you were planning on covering this later, but what did you use for the 3d text, it appeared to be stacked layers? Perhaps they are they actual 3d objects? Thanks for what you do, great stuff.


Hi Brad!

Greet episode as usual. I am so glad that you enhanced the website. Love the look and the fact that I can watch the episodes in full screen. Congrats on the home purchase and new studio space. Hope that your hand heals completely soon. Keep up the great job!


Nice job Brad… I like your show. Glad to see you're able to be intentional about your faith… I'm somewhat limited in my role, but I appreciate your efforts!


just love tutorials like this, your tracking points are all over the place, your elements are not sticking, shadows are not right, but good thing that we have tutorials.


If I just saw on youtube how to change the brake fluid on my car, I`m not going to start making a tutorial on how to do change brake fluid, just because I can.Some people might get the idea to follow my instructions;)

First I need to know that I`m doing the right thing, and that I`m not going to impact in a negative way somebody learning system. By assuming a tutorial, you also assume the role of teacher.

Just spend time and do it right, that`s all I`m saying.

As a constructive part, see your text at the end plate wiggly, just make sure you`ll stick that to a point that is not moving, if you cant get that from the camera solve, do a individual track on something that is solid.

On the back-alley close to the dumpster, do a geometry on the dumpster, so the light can react right, pay attention on the sky color and match that. Remove the grunge texture, because it just gonna amplify the fact that you want to distract from the tracking.etc

Last, if you provide a freebie, provide the elements so people can follow, in other words, give them the clean slate/footage, so they can experiment, and do their own thing.

No hard feelings, just my 2c.


Hey man…

Motion Designer from Manna Church in Fayetteville, NC…

Very happy to see a forum for Church Media Designers…I will check this site often…Keep up the good work…


Absolutely fantastic tutorial. pfhoe looks extremely similar to boujou.

If you ever have the time or feel the desire would you please post a tutorial on twixtor. I'm pretty good at manipulating 60fps footage and slowing it down up to 2%, but I know twixtor offers so much more. I can't find any tutorial anywhere across the internet that gives a comprehensive guide to twixtor Pro 4.5 with vectors.

Good Work <3


Hello, i got very inspired by your videos.. very very good job!
But whats the song at the freebie? I really really want to know that.. i LOVE that kind of music.
I would be very glad if i get a response.

/ Henrik :)


oh, i got so excited about the song so i forgot to reply. Thanks Brad!


haha, my english is so bad sometimes. What i meant was:
I got so madly excited to see that you replied to my question..
But i still don't know the tracks name. Couldn't find it on your "link" =/..
Or do i need to buy it? hehe
However, i would be very glad for a reply again!
THANKS for your great art!


that was a fast reply! Thank you again :D!!!!!

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Check it out, Brad. Thanks to a little info from your tutorial, I made this. I used Zaxwerks Invigorator for the text.


Thanks for the video Mr. Zimmerman. Sparked a handful of ideas. Now off to work!

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