Matching Moving Pt.2

This week we take our footage from pfHoe and bring into after effects and create some 3d text using some new and old tricks. We also show you some resources and a amazing inspiration and of course a free video.

25 new high quality free fonts

How To:

Expression Used:
position expression (used on each copy of text)

Values and names(like:layername, theslider) will change when you pick whip to your text.

x= layername.postion[0];
y= layername.postion[1];



The Third & The Seventh

View Behind the scenes footage here:
Break Down and making of.


[flv width=”500″ height=”313″ image=”×337.jpg”][/flv]

This video is free to download and use, but please do not redistribute. The text was taken from the Message version of Amos 5:21-24.

Widescreen HD(1280 x 720): mp4, wmv
Fullscreen SD (800×600): mp4, wmv

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8 Responses


Nice work! I do have a question though. What is the music bed that is used in the Freebie? It has that certain sound I have been looking for. If you could let me know that would be great! Thanks Again and God Bless.


Brad – awesome stuff. Do you have posted somewhere or are you willing to post the downtown Chicago footage without the text? Thanks.


Awesome high quality content for christian broadcasters. great work Dan. Expressions are super useful. Blessings from New Zealand!


Hey Brad, Great tutorial. Super helpful.
I had a question. For the freebie video you did with this technique…did you duplicate this entire process for every piece of text you had? or was there a way you can copy any of it?

Thanks man!


Hi Brad,

I've been giving this a go, the tracking goes fine, the points all stick nicely and look good in After Effects, however when I drop some text in I get a lot of slipping… any thoughts?


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