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This week we look into the future with our look at holograms. We got a chance to site down with Musion the makers of a hologram technology and their partner Clark to see how this future idea could be used in the church. We also give away a free background loop and find you even more free backgrounds on vimeo. Also we talk a look at color theory and we get the Royale treatment with this weeks inspiration.


Echo 2010 – Church Media Conference July 28 -30

Color Theory for designers

  • Part 1 – The meaning of color
  • Part 2 – Understanding Concepts And Terminology
  • Part 3 – Creating Your Own Color Palettes

Free Worship backgrounds on vimeo

Interview – Musion Holograms

Madonna and the Gorillaz

Musion – Hologram Technology
Musion on YouTube and Vimeo

Clark – Church Installations and multisite design.
Clark on twitter

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Floodgate Productions – mini-movies and media for your church.
Visit floodgateproductions.com and download two mini-movies, one motion, and one Sermon Graphics Package – all for free!

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Yet another great episode Brad. Good to see a British company featured and also some British products on the Royale showreel.
Actually the McDonalds advert with "Bob" in it caused some trouble over here. The traditional meaning of the value of 'Bob' is 5p, so many complained that we should actually get McDonalds products for 5p. I was tempted to try to do that myself.
Do you know if you've sorted out the issue with the iTunes feed and being unable to put it on iPod.

[…] SOLUTION: Utilize a local theater or rented Sunday facility.  Use super fast internet speeds to pipe a holographic image of the pastor, click-track for a live band to play simultaneously, video and images are streamed real-time, and the children interact with a holographic Bible story.  Too far fetched.  Nope.  I’d love to explore this if Google brought the experiment here.  Tony Morgan seems to think this may happen in the next 12 months.  Clark ProMedia recently explored this concept during a recent video interview. […]


I know you have the freebie posted on the other page, but it is not here. Just thought I would remind you about that.


Just noticed that the video cuts off at 6:25, in the middle of the Clark/Musion interview


Thanks so much for these awesome tutorials, I appreciate it!

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