Film Festival

This week we unveil the first ever Film Festival, a time to inspire, encourage, and appreciate media created for the church.

There are 5 categories with 2 divisions (small and large church). We want to encourage everyone to enter. This is a great time to show off your work but also get inspired by others work, and if you win your division you get some really awesome stuff!

Head to to enter and find out more details.

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I'm a the music director/worship leader as well as the graphics and video guy for my church. Even tho I'm spread pretty thin, I think some of my sermon package stills are pretty good. Am I allowed to submit 3 or 4 theme and scripture stills within one video as a sort of mini-reel? Should I submit each one separately?

And where's the love for websites? I mean sure it's a film festival. But so much of what is taught on CMD aided me in the visual design of my site. My video stuff would be much better if I weren't so busy redesigning the website last year.

Anyway… about the stills mini-reel?

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