Adobe CS2 Free To World? Not Exactly.


Yesterday a frenzy of posts and activity said that Adobe was giving away Creative Suite Version 2, but that wasn’t the whole story.

  1. The install for Mac is actually for Power PC devices, so you’ll need Mac OS X v.10.2.8–v.10.3.8 or Rosetta to get it working.
  2. For PC you will need Windows 7 or lower, no windows 8 love.

That’s not to big of a deal for most budget conscious designers who want some great,  albeit old (original released in 2005) software.

The big deal? It’s Not really free.

Here’s What Happened

Adobe has licencing servers to take care of authentication of its products to cut down on piracy. Creative Suite 2 is very old (2005), and it no longer works on modern PC’s or Macs, so Adobe did what any progressive software company would do, and cut ties with old outdated software by shutting down its licencing servers. But being the great company that they are they wanted to keep downloads of CS2 on its site for legitimate users who needed to redownload and install CS2, since the licencing servers are now offline.

So if you thought you were getting some amazing deal from Adobe, sorry to say you are wrong. But they do have another amazing deal, its called the Creative Cloud, which has the newest versions of all of Adobe’s products and will only cost you $30 a month. So check out that option instead.

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Thanks for clarifying this Brad.


Nothing is free huh? Not surprised. Great post to clarify.


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