Adobe CS5 Coming Soon

Finally its here! Well not really…

The preview event is 18 days away but the actual software won’t be out till late Summer/Fall. I am excited to build a new machine that can take advantage of all the power of cs5!

Check out the preview site for behind the scenes videos and you can sign up for the launch event here, you know I will be there! Also you can check out a non Adobe site that has been tracking the cs5 progress for the bast year.

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Game changer might be Premiere Pro CS5 cause of the multiple real time HD layer w/efx. I'll be building a new PC too, if I can afford the screamer Cuda' card… still real time editing in HD…!!! woAH. I jump thru the Cineform codec as intermediate hoop or proxy, but it still takes so much longer… + render, render… have to thank God for the privilege to render… and vegetables too, but offloading to the GPU looks like the future to me. AE too.


Good place to start:

I'll be following this thread + looking for good Nvidia threads…

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