Gets A Facelift And Becomes Even More Awesome

Many of you might already know about the awesomeness that is but for those who don’t check it out. is a marketplace for plugins and scripts for After Effects, Cinema4d, Premiere and more! Most of the these plugins and scripts are created by Designers and motion artists, so do the things we want them to do. Not only that, but many of these add features that Adobe just won’t add to the software. The site recently got a big make-over and continues at to add sweet plugins and scripts.

Here are a few plugins ans scripts that are worth checking out:

  • Plexus: Next Generation 3D Particle System.
  • Illumination: Add soft lighting to your 3d scenes.
  • BG Renderer Pro: Continue working in After Effects while project render in the background.
  • Ease and Wizz: Silky Smooth key frame animation
  • OpenSesame: Backward compatibly for After Effects Projects.

These only scratch the surface of what is available at and they recently added a ton of new features like: Automatic upgrade pricing, Notification System, KnowledgeBase, Help desk, Discussion Forums, Browse by categories, User accounts, and more!

All plugins and scripts have demo’s so you can try them out and many have the option to name your own price. To top it all off, they created this sweet video to talk about the new site:

Do you use Whats your favorite plugin?

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