Animography: Animated Typefaces

In the continued search to make type animation easier, I stumbled across Animography. Previously I pointed out Type-O-Matic, which allowed to to easliy animate any font in a few easy steps. Animography is a bit different, these typefaces are pre-animated and many have multiple moving parts. You can change the speed, color, and look of the animation by altering a single controller composition. Every typeface on Animogrphy is new and unique, and many come with static versions as well.

Type in Action

Animated Type Faces Available


The one downside to Animogrphy is the price, The typefaces range from $38 – $77, but they are nice enough to offer Typogami for FREE!

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Thanks for sharing. Really sweet products!


Here is a collection of animated typefaces on VideoHive. They look equally good and are much cheaper. Starting from just 10$ and most projects are in 12-20$ range.

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