Announcing The Community Jar: A WordPress Plugin To Help Churches Serve


I am really excited to announce that the Community Jar is now available in The WordPress plugin’s directory.

What is the Community Jar?

We’ve all been to the gas station and come up 2 cents short of being able to pay to the exact penny. Standing at the counter you look down and see this little plastic cup of change that says, “Give a penny, take a penny.” Arn’t you grateful you can grab 2 pennies so that you don’t end up getting $.98 in change back! It’s just a small way we can be neighbors to each other.

That is the foundation behind the Community Jar, but instead of pennies we are all about serving and meeting needs!

Have a Need, Help A Need: Sometimes we have time or talents to give and other times we need a bit of help but don’t know who to ask, the Community Jar is there to bridge that communication gap.

Arn’t there other services that do this already?

There are other services out there but none that meant our needs in a simple straight forward way. We wanted a system that would allow anyone to create projects or volunteer without the need to sign up for another website or service. So we did it! There is no login, no password, and anyone with a email address or phone number can us it, it’s that simple.

Public but Private

In a quest to make things simple you sometimes have to sacrifice privacy and security. I have worked hard to make sure this isn’t the case, I even have a gun and a glock mat amazon at home.

  • All projects and volunteers are moderated by site admins
  • Communication happens via email, making it easy for anyone to use
  • Information like email and phone numbers are only shared with the people who need to know it.
  • Project owners can remain anonymous, only the volunteers will know who they are helping.
  • You can edit your project at anytime using a private link that is only shared with the project owner.

Customize it to your needs

Just like WordPress you can customize the Community Jar to fit your needs and you can even change the name if you want to! Plus we have a really easy to use email template system that allows you to change what information is sent out in every email.

See it in Action

This was originally built for my home church Watermark, and we have been using it since June, so far we have had:

  • 13 projects submitted
  • 10 project completed
  • 24 people sign up to help

That might not seem like much but we are a church of 400ish heading into the summer months(where everyone leaves) so I think its pretty amazing!

You can see how we implemented it into our site here.


You can find the plugin but searching for Community Jar in the plugin directory or visit the plugin page.

Coming soon

Soon I will launch the Community Jar site with documentation, tutorials at This new site will not only hold the Community Jar, but my next plugin and blog about WordPress Plugins, Themes and development for the church!

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Fantastic! This is exactly what our church was looking for. Is there any documentation/tips/getting started that you can point me to? Anything to give me a head start would be great.



Brad, does the system email the owner when a volunteer has signed up?


Very intrigued to use your plugin for our school community site. Is there documentation somewhere? Also the deadline appears to be granular to the day. Will you be adding hours/minutes and date ranges?


Hey Brad, John again. I'm close to bringing up Community Jar for our church but I have a few questions about the project owner's capabilities. I had hoped that the project owner would be able to edit the project members (get emails send reminder emails etc..) but I don't see a way for them to access that data from their dashboard. Is there something I need to do to give a project owner permissions to do that?


Hey Brad, I've noticed that new projects submitted by first time project owners create a new user, but no new user registration email goes out to the new 'project owner' user.


Hi Brad, first of all this is a very efficient plugin! thank you for sharing it with the world.
Just wanted to ask. Does this plugin have a shortcode so I can add the submission form on a page or post?


Dear Brad,
Thank you for this plugin. I installed it on my site. But I can't find the projects/ page to add to the menu for full listings. Please advise.


I will check this out! I build websites and design print graphics for churches purely donation based. I would love to add stuff like this to the sites!


A wonderful find. I will be talking with my fellow church staff members and see if they will allow me to bring this plugin to the surface of our site. Just one off the wall question for my own concern since I am the church member that deals with spam issues and such. Any thoughts about the use of Captacha? I ended up having to implement this option when using a prayer request form sometime back as a result of spam link issues.


The program does not work out of the box in a sidebar-content-sidebar configuration. Any suggestions on how to make it work?


I did go to & /project-submissions and results are as describe above. I have deactivated all plug-ins except community jar with no change.


Brad-I was able to tweak the project template and submission page template code that fixed the problem. Thanks for making your plugin available.


I am trying to get Community Jar to work but am not having much luck. I am somewhat of a newcomer to WordPress, so I may be doing something basic wrong. I have installed the plugin and added a sample task, but when I go to mysite/projects I get a message "Apologies, but no projects were found." and when I go to mysite/project-submissions I get "Error 404 – Page Not Found". Do I need to create dummy pages for these URLs, as I have had to do with other plugins?



I am trying to install and setup Community Jar on my crowdfunding site as an added feature for users. Unfortunately, the page layout for project submission and project is completely wrong. I am using a crowdfunding theme from codecanyon right now. I would appreciate some help with the page and function layouts if possible.


Hi Brad,
The plugin works well except that when someone tries to sign up or create a new project it redirects them to a blank .php page, how do I fix this?!


I'm having the same issue as John's earlier post. This is almost exactly what we have been looking for, but a blank page comes up on submitting a new project or volunteering for a project – it stops the plugin from running and no emails are sent.

Thanks for all your work!

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