Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4, but Where’s the Studio?

Today Apple released the newest version on Final Cut Pro. We previously talked about the new features and Final Cut Pro X looks to be a big step toward stream line editing in a high res and fast paced editing world. They have lowered the price point of all these programs making it more affordable for editors to make the upgrade, plus adding tons of other new features.

The most interesting part of today’s releases were programs that weren’t mentioned. Motion and Compressor saw updates but others from the studio like Color, Soundtrack Pro, and DVD Studio Pro where absent

  • (and can’t even be found on the apple website anymore)
  • . Many features of Color and Soundtrack Pro where included in Final Cut X but DVD Studio Pro seems to missing all together.

    This evidence shows how Apple believes we are in a post physical media world. Apple has made the Mac App Store the exclusive place for you to buy these new programs and the forthcoming OS X Lion. I don’t disagree with this direction, but I wonder how people with slower internet connections few about this move.

    Will you miss the other programs in the studio or will the streamlined color and sound features be enough for your editing needs?

    Check out the New Eye Candy below:

    Motion 5

    Compressor 4

    Magnetic timeline

    Compound Clip Before

    Compound Clip After

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    Here's the advantage for my church. Up to 5 macs can have the same software. That means for $397 ($299+$49+$49), we can have 5 legal seats of FCP, Motion, and Compressor. That's $80 each. If we stick to what we have for Motion and Compressor, that's $60 each. We have 8-10 macs that could have it, but about 5 that we will want to get it on.


    Is Motion5 like aftereffects or what?


    Please note that you can only use it for 5 seats for PERSONAL use. For the use that you've suggested Apple requires a license per seat.


    Don't forget to get the content files for FCP X, Motion, and Compressor. Links on this page:


    Go Avid MC5 or go home


    I'm sticking with FCP 7. The new features look great, but I did research on it for a blog I did and everything points to a big N-O. Yeah, it looks great, but from everything I found, it's just iMovie Pro, and that's from people that forked over the $300. When there's an update to v.2 I might re-consider.

    LOVE your show, buy my question has nothing to do with your episode: What is up with the tiny smiley face in the bottom left corner of your footer?

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