Dan Stevers


20+ Free HD Winter Themed Videos

Winter’s Daybreak Video Pack is a free collection of winter themed video clips from Dan Stevers. PRODUCT FEATURES Over Twenty Individual Clips Perfect for Song Backgrounds or Custom Video Pieces Contains Rain, Snow, and Plain Variations 720p MPEG-4 Format Download

Trapcode Particular Essentials, Everything You Need to Know

This tutorial from DanStevers.com covers dust, rain, snow, sparks, Fireworks, layer emitters, custom particles, snow w/custom particles and light emitters.

Free Bible Loops

Free Spinning Bible Loops

Pre-Comping Like A Pro

Unravel the mysteries of pre-comping with your host Dan Stevers.

Easy Ink Reveals Inside After Effects

A mind bogglingly simple tutorial to help you create your own ink bleeds. Brought to you by DanStevers.com

Fisheye Camera – After Effects Tutorial

A quicktip to help you achieve a fisheye look in your compositions.

Curtain Closing Tutorial (After Effects Puppet Tool)

An After Effects tutorial that shows you how to create a swaying curtain using the Puppet Pin tool. See more at danstevers.com