Timmy Allen


Steadicam Killer

We’ve Got the Moves Hey all. Just a quick on here. This morning one of my coworkers shared with me a behind the scenes look at Vincent Laforet’s new short “Movi” (shown below). Now, I’ve seen BTS stuff before, and always love seeing the way people do their work. I’m obsessed with process. However this […]

Adobe and MAXON Share More Details

It Started Last month Adobe and MAXON dropped a huge bomb on us all. It was a vague bomb, that left tons of room for speculation and dreaming. What we did know at the time was a romance had blossomed. Very much in the same vein as when Ross and Rachel first kissed, when Zach […]

Motion Inspiration Weekly #23

Volkswagen Golf Reveal 30 things at 30 Vikings: Main Titles Splash

Adobe Cinema 4D CS7 R15..?

Wait… What? It has finally happened. Motionographers of the world today all finally held hands and sang a song of joy and excitement as Adobe and MAXON shared a brief piece of information regarding a much larger plan to bring After Effects and Cinema4D together in harmony. When I first read the article I was […]

Brand New Newton

Before For those of us who get to do some, if not most, of our work inside of Cinema4D we are somewhat spoiled in that we’ve got ourselves a built in physics/dynamics engine and set of tools to use with it. With it we can bounce, spring, connect, impact, collide, destroy, explode, and a number […]

Connect The Dots Of This Technique

I’ve got just a touch of inspiration for you guys on this lovely Monday. Mr Geoff Schultz from Elevation Church liked a piece on vimeo that I got a chance to put my eyes onto and revel in it’s wonder this morning. Then after posting it on twitter, to see so many other creatives in my […]

Introducing Our Newest Contributor Timmy Allen

Hello wonderful readers of CMD. My name is Timmy. I’ll try and keep this kind of short. Though I should be honest here and say that this is my second draft of my “introduction” post here on CMD.