Automating InDesign with Data Merge

This week we learn how to save time by automating your print process with data merge inside Adobe InDesign. Also Set some creative deadlines, produce church online and find out about ProPresenters new Edge Blending.


ProPresenter blending module
MediaShout 4.5


Creative time-lines
Behind the Scenes at
MediaElement.js – FREE HTML5 video player with Flash/Silverlight fallback

Data Merge in InDesign

Download a free trial of InDesign
Scribus – Open Source (Free) Page layout Program


Check out more at or plan a trip to Haiti with

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hey brad, just pointing out something you may or may not of noticed , but that inspiration encoded badly in the episode.


LOOOOVVED this episode. so much great stuff!!! Especially loved the InDesign Data merge…I was wondering if it had this kind of capability but never actually sat down to try to find it. This will totally change the way I do some things. Thanks!!!!!!!!! I do a lot more print and web design than video work (acutally I don't do any video work, but my husband does so he likes the video stuff), so thanks for the recent focus on print. Love your stuff. Thanks for sharing your insight. Love it when I find a better way to do something!

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Keep up the great work Brad!


Great lesson, thanks Brad. Anyone run into an issue where "Records Per Document" is greyed out? Im stuck…


please email me the encoding settings you guys use for your videos. Quality is awesome!!


Casey, I had issues with records per document greyed out, here is tutorial that helped me solve it:

Make sure you don't have multiple pages in your document, you can only have one!

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