Behind The Motion: Rhett and Link’s “The Mythical Show” Opener



Behind The Motion:

Created by: Digital Twigs

Everything you see was built / crafted by hand then animated practically and photographed.

The Cave = Lots of melted wax
Tear drop = Water Balloon
Molten lava = Torched pie crust
Lava = Cream of wheat….and gravel
The Tree = Thin chicken wire wrapped in fabric, painted to look like bark, and lots of moss.
The Title = Carved directly out of a tree stump found on the side of the road.

Client | Rhett and Link
Production Company | Digital Twigs
Creative Director, Animator | Ryan Wehner
Production Designer | Mike Pasley
Director of Photography | Andrew Tomayko & Chris Vanderwall
Swing | Jonas Studer
Production Assistant | Mike Kasper

Art Department:
Mike Pasley, Jonas Studer, Mark Davis, and Grant Hyde

Sound Design, Music Composer | White Noise Lab
Voice Over | Mick Wingert

Stop motion software: Dragon Frame
Motion control: Dynamic Perception
Processed in: Lightroom 4
Composited in: After Effects CS6

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