Behind The Motion: The Mission’s Nike Ads

About: Shot in Madrid with phantom cameras utilizing 2 sets for the surreal “diorama” field: both were the same size, but one was flat and the other was pitched 20º to put all the action on a decline. The entire stage was bluescreen.

In the film, players, props and debris are sucked into the speed vortex created by Ronaldo. Shot as elements: confetti, smoke, water, glass and other debris with wind on it to be composited with athletes later. Stunt men and fence pieces were flying through the air practically with rigs. The platform was astroturf which The Mission enhanced and extended, then added the earthy cross-section. Additional confetti and smoke was created in CG. The glitchy perimeter board was fabricated in Flame.

About: This spot, directed by Michael Mann, shows one continuous play that goes from one NFL stadium to another. In order to seamlessly put this together, CG stadiums and CG crowds were added in for each sequence. In addition, both CG snow and rain were added to accentuate each stadium change. Matte painting and extensive sky replacements were added in post to further enhance the realism of each sequence.

Created by: The Mission

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That Nike commercial looks like a lot of work! Thanks for sharing.

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