Ben Arment Interview

This week we interview Ben Arment about Story Conference, Dream year and what has lead him to start these projects. Also we check out Project Rome from Adobe and hit the “Poop Deck” with this weeks give away.


Adobe Air 2.5


Moog IOS App
How to Build a Live Stream for Online Church on the Cheap | ChurchCrunch
The Importance of Composting: A Layer By Layer Breakdown in After Effects | greyscalegorilla/blog
100 Useful Free Textures

Ben Arment Interview

Church of the Sacred Hologram in Gizmodo
Story Conference
Dream Year
Ben’s Twitter


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First time visitor. Found my way here through a link on Ben's site. Enjoyed your discussion on church media design. Are you aware of any Christian media design consultants?

Good interview with Ben as well. His statement, "God made you a level 10 in some area of your life," is a great thought.

Keep up the good work.

BTW: Was also interested in the article "Church of the Sacred Hologram." The link on the screen didn't get me there. Was probably just me, but here is how I found it:


I’m also a noob, coming from Ben’s site. So pro Brad. Great interview too. Would love to see the Engadget link.

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