Birthday Celebration, 27 Free Textures

Today is my 27th Birthday, so I figured why not give away 27 free textures. I have took these on my iPhone 4 over the last few months in places like Las Vegas, Chicago and Mackinac Island.


Download – all textures are 2592 x 1936

These graphic’s is free to download and alter but please do not redistribute.


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Well, thanks for the birthday present :). I'll be sure to use these on some upcoming projects.


Thanks for the textures. You have the same birthday as my wife!


Usually people don't give away things on their birthday, so what a great idea. Thanks so much, I'll be sure to use them soon in some way.

And happy birthday Brad!


And today is my birthday, although 27 was quite a while back! Thank you for the "present" :) Happy birthday to a fellow Valentine's Day baby. (At least that's the holiday that is roughly 9 months prior)


Thank very very much we need sometime texture like this…Very kind to share…. Be sure I will make good use! 😉


Thank you


Nice! Very nice!

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