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For those of us who get to do some, if not most, of our work inside of Cinema4D we are somewhat spoiled in that we’ve got ourselves a built in physics/dynamics engine and set of tools to use with it. With it we can bounce, spring, connect, impact, collide, destroy, explode, and a number of other incredible things just by adding a tag and tweaking some of the settings. If you spend any amount of time at all messing with the MoDynamics in C4D you’d be surprised at how quickly and easily you can get really rad results.

Jumping Through Hoops

In the past if I wanted to bring this kind of dynamic movement into After Effects, bringing things to life and giving them a sense of interaction, I’d have to create simple shapes inside of C4D and work my physics/dynamics magic with them. Then I’d bake the simulation and add nulls to these now animated and dynamic objects. On the nulls I’d add external compositing tags and export them into AE. When I load the .aec file in I’d see all my reference nulls from C4D now moving and acting like the now hidden objects I originally put the physics/dynamics on. I would then take the layers I wanted to put the dynamics on and parent them to their respective nulls. This will then link those layers to the already animated and dynamic movements giving my “boring” layers life. There are more tweaks and lots more to think about when doing it this way, for example the size and shape of each object for correct looking collisions once in AE is very important so that layers do not go inside each other and lose their interactive look.


Quite a bit of work to do to get a really great look in AE. That is until about a year and a half ago when a funny little plugin was created by Motion Boutique called Newton.

It changed a lot of what we were seeing come out of AE. Things were moving together, bouncing off each other, connected as joints, springing up and down and sideways, squishing, and exploding away. Life was good. After Effects finally had a physics engine that was just a button click away built right into the suite. No longer would we have to jump through hoops in order to get the object interaction and life we wanted in our native AE projects.

The Update

For those of us who love Newton and having physics/dynamics in AE today is a great day. Motion Boutique has released its newest iteration of Newton. Boasting tons of new features and a new easier to use interface. It is up on their site which is a great place to check out an extensive list of Newton’s new V2 features, and the main features it continues to build on. They’ve also put together a rad little feature video which is posted below. I could go over all the features and exactly how it works, but I’ve yet to grab the plugin myself and get my hands dirty with it just yet. However, I will be picking up this gem sometime before the end of the week from aescripts + aeplugins and should have a better idea of what changes and updates have done for the package. Once I’ve done so I’ll put together a review of sorts and show you guys some of the rad stuff Newton can do. Till then, go check out Motion Boutique’s site and see all the cool stuff Newton is capable of. Have fun!


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