Celebrate The Launch Of Lightstock.com With A Week Of FREE Media

This week I am excited to partner with Lightstock.com to give away some sweet FREE media that is perfect for your church!

But what is Lightstock.com and how is it different from every other stock photo site? First off, have you ever gone to a stock site looking for a church related photo? Normally you find cheesy shots that don’t feel authentic and many times their are only a few good shots available.

With Lightstock.com that’s not an issues, All of the contributors are Christians, so they know what shots are cheesy or overdone in the church and nearly 100% of the shots can’t be found on other stock sites. So you are going to find tons of unique shots to fit your projects.

Simple Pricing

One thing I hate about stock photo sites is their pricing. Credit systems where 1 credit is more then a dollar and the cost per photo gets really hard to figure out. Lightstock.com makes it simple, 1 = $1 evertime. And if you buy your credits in bulk you get more for FREE. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Great Sizes

One of the first things I noticed when I went to Lightstock.com is the high resolution you get in the photos. The smallest photos are 500px on its longest size. Which is larger and less expensive then other stock sites. The smallest photos will easily work well for your website, but if you want higher quality you can get print ready photos at 3600px and larger!

The Perfect Shot

If you can’t find what you looking for you can request the a shot. This isn’t just an email form that get thrown into a folder that never sees the light of day. These requests are given to the contributors and most of the time you will see your requested shoot in a matter of days! I have never heard of a site offering a feature like that before.

Start your search

Head over to Lightstock.com and find the perfect photo for you next project!

Today’s Free Photo

Download this FREE photo to use with any project!

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