Clover is moving to HTML5

On the wake of the the Clover Donations announcement, Clover announces that they are moving further away from flash.

As many of you know Clover currently generates simple HTML version of each site that can be viewed on mobile web browsers. Due in part to their last donations project (all html) and the progress adoption of HTML5 features on the web clover says they are going to start creating a a fully functional HTML5 sites.

What this means is that your full website (not just a mobile version of your site) will be available on an iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile device. There will also be lots of little improvements, like faster loading times, better accessibility for visually-impaired visitors, and new options to embed code in your site. And as always, we’re super excited to give you yet another upgrade for free.

As a former flash programmer I now why flash is great, but I also know why we need to move away from the closed sandbox. I for one think this is very smart move.

Are you currently a Clover user? Does this get you excited?

For those of you who don’t use Clover does this give you a reason to check them out?

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I've always steered people away from Clover Sites because of the Flash issue. I think they're a bit overpriced for what you get as well, but the move away from Flash gives me a reason to give them another look!


I'm using Clover at my church I'm pumped about the move!


Not using it but have considered it. Will revisit it next year now that there is a legit iOS version of clover websites.


This is a great move for Clover.


The biggest question is why is cloversites still Flash? Anyway, there are too many better, less-expensive, more beautiful options out there that are already HTML5, like and They're less expensive. They are not starting from scratch technology-wise. They know the industry better and are more in tune with the direction of technology. $1000 to start up with a Flash site. I don't think so. Besides, Clover is a generic product and not specifically for churches. There are also too many options already HTML5 that are specifically for churches. Clover can be avoided until they are HTML5 and should be re-evaluated then when it can be determined how useful HTML product will be.

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