CMD 136: New Babies, New Buildings And DIY Installations

This week we talk about where Brad has been and what’s new around cmd. Plus we cover how to install your own audio and video systems.
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Show Notes:

DIY Projection Screen
Audio Cabling
Ace Backstage Floor Pockets
Ace Backstage Wall Plate


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First, congratulations on your new baby girl – such a sweet time – drink it in!!!

Next, thanks for the timeliness of this edition! We are in a similar process now, having just signed a lease on an office building, which I am helping to turn into a worship space/classrooms/office. Big project! We may be similarly-sized, given your stated screen budget (LOL). So, anyway, do you have any other photos documenting the build process, or any other written info about how you're doing your stage design, any classroom layout for projection, etc? I loved the photos you had here, so if you have anything else, which I might learn from, i'd love to see. Of course, if it helps you, we'll be documenting our process too, as soon as we have some plans drawn up.

Thanks again and welcome back!


Brad – great to have you back!

Just a quick thought for a future show – I'd love to see more info on how you setup the dual projection for your DIY screen. I noticed a snazzy dual projector bracket and I made some assumptions on how you'd focus all that in, but would love to hear more. Why, how calibration went, if you can do more than 2, advantages, etc. I've not seen this talked about much online.

Thanks, and congrats on the new baby. :)


Congrats on the new baby! Just had twins myself…life gets pretty fun now!
I was trying to access some of the older episodes for simple questions I had with photoshop and illustrator, but they all seem to be missing. When you find time could you check and see why they aren't working? I'd say the last 3-4 pages of episodes seem to be linked wrong.



I watched some of your videos a while back and am glad to see you are back. Looking forward to new episodes! I'm surprised you didn't mention your Facebook page at all in the show as a means to encourage interaction or watch the show. Also, would like to learn more about your video cameras and camera gear. Thanks!


Our church as well is in the process of moving from a permeant building to a new one. I love the idea for the patch bay… i can see it being used as a way to remap the sound board and making it easier for the sound tech to do his job more efficiently! One thing you didnt touch on is the lighting. Our church isnt crazy with big moving lights. simple par cans to bring focus to the platform.. What we did was had some plumbers in our church get us some 2" industrail pipe from a scratch and dent warehouse. painted it with fire retardent black spray paint and had ourselves truss's! In our mid week ministry center we have large windows like your and we had some creative ideas to work around them! we used shades which have a black out material and then a spandex materail on the other side! allowing for a huge!!! 16:9 widescreen which we split off in Propresentor useing the triplematrix head! Congrats on the new baby! hope fatherhood is a blessing!


Hello, concerning the audio system for your new church building, I thought I would offer help if you ever needed it. My dad has been in the sound business (specifically churches) for over 30 years and I have been helping him since I was five. We have installed scores of the small systems plus the large systems (4,000-8,000 seat auditoriums). Anyway, I though I would offer maybe opinions and such. I would also like yours. We are going to install an audio and video system in a church (100 people) and I would like your opinion on what computer to get them. My opinion would be an iMac but what do you suggest? They basically just need video record and playback (PowerPoint) to a screen. Thanks and God bless.

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