Code For The Kingdom


If you had unlimited access to over 100 of the most talented coders and developers in the country, what Kingdom challenge would you ask them to address?

It’s a simple question with a multitude of answers and those answers could lead to some as revolutionary as changing the way we read the bible.

Do you have that idea, that one thing you wish you could create but you just can’t? Something that would increase God’s Kindgom but not your own? That is exactly what Code For The Kingdom is looking for.

June 28-30 a group of over 100 top technologists from companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, and eBay are gathering in Silicon Valley to help move the mission of the local church forward in our digital culture.

Find out more about this hackathon on their website and if you have an idea that you think would leave a Kindgom impact fill out this form.

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