Creative Cloud Owners Get Discount On Full Versions Of Cinema 4d


Behind the thick fog of hate filled comments and unhappy customers Adobe’s New Creative Cloud does have some great new options and features. One of the biggest new features is native Cinema 4d integration with After Effects. To make this integration possible Maxon released a new lite version of Cinema 4d included with the Creative Cloud.

This new lite version might be perfect for your needs but for those of us who haven’t ever been able to justify the big price tag on a full version of Cinema 4d you can use your Creative Cloud subscription to get a huge discount!

Creative Cloud Discount

Broadcast Version + MSA($400)

  • Retail Price: $2,065.00
  • CC Upgrade Price: $1,395.00

Studio Version + MSA($650)

  • Retail Price: $4,345.00
  • CC Upgrade Price: $2,995.00

This promotion ends on 08/30/2013 so act fast.

Find out more on Maxon’s Website.

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