Creative Suite Workflow – Premiere, After Effects and Soundbooth

This week we jump inside Adobes Creative Suite and take a look at the creative workflow between Premiere, After Effects and Soundbooth. We also talk about the end of collide, get stocked up with resources for the church and go viral with this weeks freebie.


Collide Magazine is shutting it’s doors


Legacy of Defeat – FREE fonts from Hydro74
PermissionsPlus Copyright Clearances – Music, Video, Synchronization, Mechanical Licenses and Permissions -New website! – Your source for Multi-screen Media

How to

Get the Non Profit Adobe Creative Suite for around $500-$700 from (must call)



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Thanks for another great show.

If i didn't know any better I would think that you get commission from Adobe :)

The suite does rock. I currently use Final Cut for video editing and all of the tight integration of CS5 makes me peek over the fence at Premiere.

So Bradley, have you thought about using a redirect for your facebook profile like you do for vimeo? or make be a little more grown up than Bradley. I'm kinda stuck in the same boat with an old facebook vanity URL i want changed.

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