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Wednesday marks the beginning of the Echo Conference and I can’t wait! This year is going to be great. Not only am I looking forward to learning a ton, but I am excited to be teaching two different “101” breakouts.

Before I tell you about these breakouts I want to give you some 101 tech/media confrence advice

1. Bring a laptop

Most people are hands on learners, so bring your laptop with so you can work along with the presenters as the teach you new ideas or even new software.

2. Charge you batteries fully

There’s nothing worse then not being able to participate or use your phone when you need it most!

3. Join Twitter

Facebook is a great social network but twitter is built for conferences. You can follow the hashtag #echo12 to see what fellow attendees are saying and if you aren’t an introvert talk to them in real life!!! Believe it or not I joined twitter 4 years ago at the Echo Conference!

4. Make New Friends

Echo takes the “only one” feelings that many of us have and brings us together to show you that your really not the “only one”. So strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know and you will soon figure you that you have more in common then you think. Many of my best long distance friendships were built at echo!

5. Your Church is Awesome

Don’t let envy ruin your conference experience. You will see awesome gear, great videos, amazing speakers and hear stories from sweet churches. But that does not mean that your church, your area, your context is anything less. God has a plan for you where you are at, He hasn’t called you to wish you were someone else. So learn a ton, but don’t let envy get in your way!

101 Breakouts

For my two breakouts I will give a beginners look at Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. If you have ever considered doing video editing or motion graphics I encourage you to come check out these 2 sessions. They will be geared toward people who have never opened the software or have tried to understand but haven’t gotten to far. Don’t forget your laptop with the software so you can follow along.

Also if you interested in Final Cut Pro X, David Chapman is giving a inside look on that software as well!

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I love point #5!!! So many times I have been to something and thought that my church was lesser than what I was attending. Great reminder!


We are so excited you are going to be in full force at Echo. You are part of the fabric, my friend.


Thanks for this post! This will be my first time at Echo and I am beyond excited!

Adam Legg

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