Echo Conference Day 3 Note Collection


Below is a collection of notes taken during the 3rd day of the Echo Conference, if you have notes to share please leave a comment below so that can be added!

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Breakout Session 6

Creative Series Planning : From Idea To Execution > Phil Bowdle
Phil Bowdle Notes Notes
Lone Ranger: Top 10 Ways to Survive as a One Man Team > Brad Zimmerman
Building Your Brand Identity > David Chapman
Creating a Guest Experience that Produces Second Time Visits > Tim Peters
Curating Art for Visual Worship > Stephen Proctor
Extreme Visual Makeover on a Budget: LED Lights and Stage Design > Duke DeJong, Van Metschke
Transformational Vignettes: The Secret to Changing People’s Beliefs and Actions > Justin Blaney
When Authenticity and Excellence Collide > Robbie Seay

Main Session Four – Matt Chandler Notes
CandicePayne Notes

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Hey Brad, Thanks for making these collections man! It helps to get info on stuff I missed out on, or missed in the ones I was in :)

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