Edit With Light: A Brand New Video Resource

Awhile back we featured 5Dleaks, a set of organic light leaks taken with the Canon 5d Mark ii, well that was only the beginning.

The creators of 5dleaks have a created a whole arsenal of stock light footage to bring new life to your projects. Edit With Light has a ton of new products and most of them now come in HD and 4k!

Yes you heard me right, 4k. All the 4k footage was shot on RED, so you know the quality of the footage is remarkable!

HD vs 4k

The new product line that starts as low as $9.99. All the footage is affordable for pretty much any editor. Plus all of the 4k products like Sparks, come with an HD version as well. The HD versions are cheaper, so if you don’t need the extra resolution you don’t have to pay for it!


Product Features:

  • HD and 4k
  • Premiere, Final Cut and Avid Compatible
  • Captured in Camera(no CG)

Limited Time Coupon Code

IF you interested in buying the guys from EditWithLight.com hooked me up coupon code for %15 off your purchase. Just use “cmdtv” at check out!

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