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This morning I received an email from the Catalyst Conference that featured an interview with the founder of the Behance Network, which is a huge creative arts community, that i find to be a great resource. The interview peeked my interest because I am always curious who in the design industry has a faith base, or is a follower of Jesus.

That was not very clear in the video, but what I found is some amazing insight it to creative work flow and why our staff team, and many others have great ideas that turn into nothing. This quote struck me:

The most successful teams have and equal amount of big idea dreamers and implementers.

This is so true, and I have seen it happen on my own staff team. As we balance out the dreamers by adding more implementers, I have seen us turn a corner on what is accomplished, but we haven’t had to sacrifice creativity and dreams.

Check out the 2 parts below, it is well worth the listen!

You can also find that Catalyst Podcast interview here.(mp3 link)

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Thanks for sharing, definitely worth watching. Going to get that book also.


agreed, I will be getting it as well

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