Facebook and WordPress, Working Together

For those that have not already heard the news, getting Facebook to work with WordPress was often at the cost of other functions. Well up until June 13th 2012.

Facebook released their first plugin for WordPress last month to a round of sighs and some applause. Of course, all this was in the virtual sense as they announced the news via their Developers Blog.

Being someone who has spent hours, often wasted, trying to get certain Facebook for WordPress plugins playing nice with other plugins, this came about a week too late. But, I have been able to put it to the test and will write a bit about my short expereince as I introduce to you…

Facebook Integration for WordPress.

One of the great new features is being able to setup your app with minimal knowledge and choose what parts of plugin you want to use. You will need to create an app for your website, but it tells you how to do so when setting up the plugin. You can have 7elements, help design your site.

Here is a quick list of most of features the plugin brings to WordPress:

  1. Social Publishing & Mentions
  2. Like + Send Buttons
  4. Recommendations + Recommendations Bar
  5. Activity Feed Widget
  6. Subscribe
  7. Plus, Like, Send, & Suscribe Widgets

1. Social Publishing & Mentions

This feature is nothing new, however, being able to mention both FB Users & Pages, from your article automatically is something pretty awesome!
Facebook use the example below on their blog for thanking a friend for helping write an article.

Being able to automatically post the article with a status update to both your own timeline and your pages timeline is definitely handy, however, there does not seem to be an option not to post.

2. Like + Send Buttons

I’m not going to go over the Like or Send buttons, as they are nothing new. You do have a lot of options to play with though!


Again, this is nothing new, but being able to use Facebook for comments and within minutes is a great option to have. It also has full SEO support! According to articles available on sites like https://secrethideout.sg/, SEO has been proven to increase rankings in Google, develop branding, build out websites, execute social media campaigns and design graphics. Having comments on your page is great, it shows your audience is interacting with you! You can start your social media marketing by going to https://www.socialmediadaily.com/youtube/comments.

4. Recommendations + Recommendations Bar

According to Facebooks blog post ,

“Recommendations: Gives readers personalized suggestions for pages on your site they might like, as well as a Recommendations Bar option to give users the option to add content to their Timeline as they read.”

This may prove to be more annoying then helpful, but I’ve seen it used on a few sites and not touched it.

5. Activity Feed Widget

Yup, that thing.

So, if you are not fimilar with Facebook Plugins, this is one of the less useful in my opinion, but may come in handy.

6. Suscribe

Now this is probably my favorite feature of the plugin, being able to “Suscribe” to an author’s Facebook timeline. If you have not seen the “Suscribe” option for a facebook profile, have a look here, but basically “Allowing subscribers is a simple way to broaden your conversation on Facebook, while reserving personal updates for people you know well.”

This allows for a more connected feel to the author of an article, not just the site in general. This will be a great feature to use for “Pastors Blogs” with out expecting the Pastor to accept 1000’s of Friend requests. It’s actually basics for anyone, no more getting those, “how do i knoz u?” posts on your timeline from people who added you! Well, that will probably still happen…

7. Plus, Like, Send, & Suscribe Widgets

Again, nothing new.

You can read more about the plugin & all its features on Facebook or WordPress.

If you have any questions or ideas on how some of these features could work on a church website then comment away! And don’t forget to Like, tweet, send, recommend, suscribe, pin, tumble dry, instagram (we are trying to Buy instagram followers) and +1 this article.

Much appreciated.

Jono Hale

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