Final Cut Pro X Add’s Mulitcam, Broadcast Monitors, XML 1.1 and More

The FCP X left mixed reviews and comments like “Where’s the Pro?”, “Is this iMovie Pro?” and even a parody from Conan. But Apple wants to prove otherwise, with each update the tools get sharper and the package more appealing.

Yesterday Apple continued its campaign to prove that Final Cut Pro X deserves it’s “Pro” title.

The new 10.0.3 update include many requested features like:

  • Multicam Editing
  • Advanced Chroma Keying
  • Media Relink
  • Import Layered Adobe Photoshop Graphics
  • XML 1.1 Support
  • Broadcast Monitoring

Plus Apple endorses 7toX, an app that will allow to take to old Final Cut Pro 7 projects and finish them in FCP X.

What do you think?

Have you bought FCPX? If not, does the update give you reason to? It gave me a reason to look again.

Find out more about the update and watch the video or buy it in the app store.

2 Responses


Stil glad I made the jump to Premiere Pro.


It seems like some missing features finally are (back) in. If more like this had been there in the beginning I probably wouldn't have jumped to Premiere Pro. The PP integration with AE and the rest of the Design apps will keep me in Adobe land for a while though. No regrets at this point. The only thing I miss is Color. Still trying to find a color grading workflow b/t PP and AE that I am comfortable with. Color just made sense to me.

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