Forget The Top Churches, Check Out The Top Stage Designs of 2012

Each year websites and magazines create lists of the top things in many different categories and the church world is no exception. There’s the fast growing, the largest, and most influential. However interesting these lists might be, they don’t apply directly to what we do. Well there is now a list for us, The Top Stage Designs of 2012!

As the author points out, set design might not be a high priority or even fit the style of church you are apart of. Many times we feel pressured in doing big sets and lighting shows becuase that is what we see coming out of the largest churches in the country, that is why I love the disclamier that the author adds to this post:

Disclaimer: Most of these examples are from attractional church models with big budgets and talented staff, so that we can show a more diverse range of techniques. However, that does not necessarily mean your church should use that model or attempt these. You need to prayerfully choose whatever is the best approach for your church.

As the old saying goes “If the shoe Don’t fit, don’t wear it”, so if this isn’t right for your context no worries but if it is right for you check out some great inspiration!

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We do a major production each Christmas at the West Bowels Community Church, in LIttleton, CO. It involves a cast of 80 (all church choir members) and a full professional orchestra. The design, choreographer, director staff and musicians are contracted in, but these wonderful people all construct the sets and costumes on their weekends. They play to sold out audiences over two weekends. Box office receipts cover the total costs. A hard working, respectful, fun loving group of people to be around.
Here is a link to a past production:

Here is the church:

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