Frank DeLoupe, The System Wide Color Picker Makes Photoshop Better


Frank DeLoupe is a system wide color picker that makes pull colors from images, websites and videos super easy.

The color picker zooms in so you can see pixel by pixel what color you are grabbing and once selected you it copies the value to your clipboard as RGB, HEX or HSL values. But what takes this app to the next level is the photoshop integration. You can connect Franky (I hear his friends call him that) to Photoshop CS5+ and when you color is picked it sets that color as your foreground color.

The problem? it only works on OSX (however, is it retina ready). But for a $1 it worth the purchase for all mac designers.

If your a windows user you could try ColorPix which is free, but doesn’t have the sweet linking to photoshop.

Check out lifehackers inside look at this app below:

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