GoPro Announces New 4k Camera

Late last night tweets started pouring in, not about the latest presidential debate but about something new from GoPro.

GoPro makes those sweet tiny cameras that you mount on helmet, car, surfboard and get awesome action shoots. What they created is remarkable. The new HERO3 is a 4k camera for under $400, but it is so much more then that.

First things first, the HERO3 is:

  • 30% smaller
  • 25% lighter
  • 2x faster
  • built in Wifi

Those features are standard on the HERO3 next comes resolutions, which differ between the White, Silver, and Black models ranging from $199 – $399.

Below you can see a chart of the frame rates and images sizes for video and stills for the highest end model HERO3 Black which can record 2.7k at 30fps and 720p at a impressive 120fps, where the white and silver top out at 1080p 30fps.

HERO3 Black Specs:

My Favorite Features:

  1. Built in Wifi

  2. In the past you needed to pay extra to add a wifi backpack to your HERO2, Now with the HERO3 wifi is built into all models, which gives so great new options.

  3. GoPro App

  4. GoPro recently launched their GoPro Control app, that gives you full control over the HER02 and HERO3. You can see video right on your tablet or phone, turn devices on and off, record, changes video resolutions and control multiple cameras at one time.

  5. High Frame Rates and 2.7k Video

  6. Many cameras are going beyond HD these days but the frame rates sometimes leave you wanting more, But the HERO3 delievers. 120fps at 720? Talk about awesome slow action video, better yet 60fps at 1080p can still give you some sweet looking slow mo and Full HD. But what puts this over the top for me is up to 30fps at 2.7k or 2716 x 1524. That is alot of resolution to play with!


You can preorder the HERO3 today and it will ship on November 14. Which happens to be 4 days after my birthday(hint hint)!

Shot on the HERO3

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I just warned my wife that i would be wanting a 4k camera in two years i can't believe how quickly the price has dropped. Personally i would not shoot 4k on this camera due to the poor fps but holy smokes that is pretty neat!


i want that camera but i am from argentina…


I want that camera but I am poor.


This is a game changer for sure.

Honestly, for the pie why not go with that style of camera? It creates pretty much stunning video. The built in Wi-Fi is also pretty cool. That would make uploading your footage a breeze.


They'er one if my 3 favorite cameras companies. I also really like Blackmiagic and Red Cams. I just wish they weren't so pricey.


One of my friends purchased this camera last week. He is so much satisfied with its performance. Lens quality is excellent and it is manually adjustable. I will recommend these cameras to my some more friends. Thanks again for sharing.


I have this camera, it creates pretty much stunning video. The built in Wi-Fi is also pretty cool. That would make uploading your footage a breeze.

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